Impressing fishing trips

We show you the most successful fishing locations of the entire Mongolia.  We arrange unseen experiences from fishing endemits in high mountain places through adventures in national parks with no civilization marks, to the comfort in luxurious camp for demanding clients. More than twenty years, we guarantee high-quality service and flexibility in organization according to natural conditions with emphasis on safety of our clients.   


Altai camp

- Fishing precious endemits in trophy size -


Khalkhingol camp

- Fishing Amur Pike in the wilderness -


Khanagai camp

- Defeating trophy taimen in the canyon of the wild river -


Delger Moron camp

- fly fishing in pure clean river of protected taiga -


Tengis camp

- great fly fishing territory with the record sized fishes -


Selenge Bulgan camp

- fishing predators on the confluence of the biggest rivers -


Selenge Rashant camp

- spinning on the most luxurious fishing -


Onon camp

- various kinds of salmonid fish in protected borderland -


Uur camp

- fishing on calm river in the heart of verdant taiga -


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