Feel Mongolia with all senses!

We take you to the places rich on diversity of beauty of nature, unique phenomenons and places, which are felt as mystical, spirituality, energy and pride of this thousands-years-old culture. Nomadic families invite you to their modest homes and let you taste their tough but free, unrestrained lives. Chose from nine different programs, change it as you wish. Unique and unforgettable experience is Mongolian national festival Naadam, which presents you traditional handicrafts and the art of fighting. Our English and Russian speaking guides will show you untouched nature from verdant taiga, mountain hikes to homes of reindeer keepers, to wide prairies of Przewalski's horse and golden sand of Gobi. Sport lovers welcome absolute novelty - cycling tours through the Valley of Selenge River.



Altai camp

- hiking on the highest mountain massif of Mongolia -



- the birth of the sun with singing of sand dune -


Selenge camp

- freedom in green valley of the biggest river -


Tengis camp

- adventure in unchained taiga -


Khanagai camp

- on the foot of wild mountains -


Ulan Bator

- fast developing city versus thousand years old tradition -



We arrange touristic tours in the length of 18 days, depends on clients’ possibilities. Rates are individual due to program combinations.


Tour offers:

Selenge + Ulan Bator + Gobi

Selenge + Ulan Bator + Khustai + Buddhist cloister

Gobi + Ulan Bator + Tengis

Gobi + Ulan Bator + Altai

Altai + Selenge + Ulan Bator

Tengis + Khanagai + Ulan Bator

Ulan Bator + Selenge cycling

Ulan Bator + Selenge horses

Tengis + Khanagai + Moron and surroundings + Ulan Bator



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