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During our adventures across Mongolia will take care of you throughout these guides...

Enkhsaikhan Sosorbaram

Co-partner of INGOLZOLOOT company. The main organizer of hiking and fishing trips and tours in Mongolia. She speaks English, Czech, Slovakian and Russian. Takes care of all service in Ulan Bator and the surrounding area. Also in Gobi, Altai mountains and other places.

Petr Procházka

Co-owner and director of INGOL company. He keeps enriching his twenty-year experiences from all important Mongolian rivers, he’s very successful with guiding Czech and foreign clients.

Amarjargal Myatav

Co-partner of MAIN company, co-owner of Selenge Rashant camp. She organizes tourism in the entire Khuvsgol region. She speaks English, Czech and Russian.

Purevjav Batzorig

Co-partner of INGOLZOLOOT and Tengis camp co-owner and chief. Accompanies fisherman and tourists around the camp and in the remote wilderness.

Batsukh Boldbaatar

Co-partner of INGOLZOLOOT company. Co-owner and manager of camp Khanagai. Specialist on adventures on river Shiskid.

Enkhzaya Sosorbaram

Assistant of the INGOLZOLOOT manager. Speaks English and Russian fluently, guides tourists in Ulan Bator and surroundings.

Ninjee Ochirbat

Daughter of the head manager of INGOLZOLOOT . She speaks Czech, English and Russian. Specialist for guiding in Gobi, Khustai National park and Ulan Bator.

David Maixner

Co-owner of INGOL company. Specialist for spinning. Late manager of representation. He’s able to guide clients on all Mongolian rivers.

Jaro Sámela

Co-owner of INGOL company. A member of team - World spinning champion – (2013, 2014). He is capable of guiding on many Mongolian rivers.

Petr Gattnar

Co-owner of INGOL company. He’s able to guide clients on all Mongolian rivers, he knows fly fishing and spinning techniques.

Milan Karlíček

Co-owner of INGOL company and the doctor. He’s got a lot of experiences on Mongolian rivers and his anglers have got successful catches.

Petr Procházka Jr.

Son of the co-owner and director of INGOL company. Great guide with rich experiences in fishing, mainly on camps Tengis and Khanagai. Specialist for foreign clients, also for TV teams from the whole world. Speaks English and Russian fluently.

Dashtseren Gonchigdorj

Specialist for guiding on camps Altai, Khalkhin and Onon.

Baadai Baasandorj

Specialist for the camp Selenge Rashant.

Mathias Prellwitz

Specialist for the camp Khanagai and fishing in wilderness in general. He’s got a lot of experiences with guiding clients on wild waters of the north-eastern Asia. Speaks German and English.

Ivan Dragojlovič

Fly fishing guide with international license. His specialty is the river Shiskid. Speaks English and Russian.

Jakub Vágner

Well-known professional fisherman. Author of many adventurous fishing films. He specializes in professional TV crews and VIP clients from the whole world.

Jan Haman

Expert for fly-fishing trips for whole Mongolia. Focuses on English and German-speaking clients.

Peter Bienek

The member of Slovakian fly-fishing national team. Representative of the world’s major companies that are producing fishing clothing. Mainly accompanies fly fishermen. Speaks English fluently.

Abraham Bokkers

Dutch journalist and guide for rivers worldwide. Specialist for the camp Khalkhin.

Tomáš Hamer

Well-known producer of fishing lures and sport fisherman. Guiding mainly fishermen using spinning technique.

Vítězslav Raška

Great guide for Czech and foreign clients on all important rivers of Mongolia.

Jaroslav Oprchal

Great guide on all important rivers of Mongolia, speakinf English fluently. Specializes on foreign clients, also guides groups on adventurous trips.

Jovan Simonovič

Serbian fishing guide and author of many fishing movies. He guides foreign clients and numerous groups of anglers in a cooperation with Srdan Despot.

Srdan Despot

Serbian fishing guide and author of many fishing movies. He guides foreign clients and numerous groups of anglers in a cooperation with Jovan Simonović.


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