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Our companies, camps and employees are capable of taking care of exacting customers used to high-quality service. We try to fulfill unusual individual wishes and itinerary changes. We arrange trips with rich program for companies, which is fancy and stick the collective together. Our touristic trips show you a perfect picture of civic life style and culture. Local shepherds – Genghis Khan’s offspring – have inner pride and deepness of this mythic warrior and emperor. Visiting this country can show you all natural zones from desert, prairie, tundra, taiga, to great mountains.






Our biggest catches!

Největší rybářské úlovky!

This season fishing has been very difficult due to high water on all camps, but our clients have a lot of skills thanks to frequent visits. Catching Taimen by fly fishing is becoming popular, the biggest Taimen caught by our clients was 132 cm long.


Film Mongolia in 2016 - catching Taimen on a fly


Country of Great Khan

Největší rybářské úlovky!

We have visited a birth place of Genghis Khan near the confluence of rivers Onon and Kherlen. We have visited museum of Mongolian empresses, many of them were famous warriors.


Touristic guiding programs

Největší rybářské úlovky!

We’re arranging four-days program for the next year, including a visit of these historical places, the place where a little Genghis Khan (Temüjin) drank a water, from where he got his strength, his birth place, where is centered the entire energy of this country, and also Museum of Empresses.


Fishing records!

Největší rybářské úlovky!

Our biggest catches of our clients in 2016 in Mongolia: Taimen 144 cm, Amur Pike 115 cm, Pike 110 cm, Lenok – Siberian Trout 82 cm, Grayling (Mongolian) 71 cm, Perch 52 cm.


Untouched nature

Největší rybářské úlovky!

We have arranged adventure trips this year, which celebrities have joined, for example Jakub Vágner, but also unskilled tourists. We have rafted wild and unchained rivers, we have lived in hunter’s huts without any civilization, and we have slept in abandoned places in tents or without. We have listened to melodies of taiga and prairie with wild animals. Just right this kind of trips are very popular even for well situated and luxurious clients.


Nomad culture, aborigines of Mongolia

Největší rybářské úlovky!

Our clients meet Nomad culture by every visit, touristic and fishing. Thanks to these very attractive meetings we can forget our global and self-destructing civilization. Motto of our knowledges of Nomad culture is freedom and endless space.



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