Incomparable experience in the heart of the wild land!

Let the beauty of unbounded nature pull you in, taste the true life of Genghis Khan´s offspring. We are able to take care of demanding clients, we provide high-quality service. We fulfill unusual wishes, we arrange you suitable individual program. Live through unrepeatable moments with local shepherds with pride and mystery of legendary conqueror.  See jewels of this tameless country - as a tourist or an angler desiring for trophy catches living nowhere in the world. Our tours show you perfect picture of tough way of life and distinctive culture of local habitants. We reveal you almost all natural zones from deserts, prairies, tundra, taiga, to high mountains.



Selenge video


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Impressing fishing trips

We show you the most successful fishing locations of the entire Mongolia.  We arrange unseen experiences from fishing endemits in high mountain places through adventures in national parks with no civilization marks, to the comfort in luxurious camp for demanding clients. More than twenty years, we guarantee high-quality service and flexibility in organization according to natural conditions with emphasis on safety of our clients.  





Feel Mongolia with all senses!

We take you to the places rich on diversity of beauty of nature, unique phenomenons and places, which are felt as mystical, spirituality, energy and pride of this thousands-years-old culture. Nomadic families invite you to their modest homes and let you taste their tough but free, unrestrained lives. Chose from nine different programs, change it as you wish. Unique and unforgettable experience is Mongolian national festival Naadam, which presents you traditional handicrafts and the art of fighting. Our English and Russian speaking guides will show you untouched nature from verdant taiga, mountain hikes to homes of reindeer keepers, to wide prairies of Przewalski's horse and golden sand of Gobi. Sport lovers welcome absolute novelty - cycling tours through the Valley of Selenge River






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