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Our travel agency was established on the basis of the cooperation of geologists and entrepreneurs in 1992. In the beginning we organized the tours only for fishermen, but more and more often to connect us lovers of wild nature and yearning to know the free life of travellers of the last nomads. Our clients are from virtually all over the world and more than 70% of them returns to Mongolia. Our idea is to let clients remarkable experience and most them zoom in on nomadic style of life. In today's busy world, full of consumerism and misconceptions is Mongolia one of the last quiet countries kindly inviting every tourist. Our companies, camps and staff can take care of demanding clients accustomed to superior service style. We try to fulfil even unusual individual wishes and changes to the program. Corporate tours with a rich program that can captivate and the whole team intensifies. Our cognitive programs make the perfect image of the local way of life and culture of the local inhabitants. The local shepherds – “the descendants of Genghis Khan himself” in pride and the mystery of the legendary Warrior and conqueror. Visit this country can show almost all of the natural zone of the desert, steppe, tundra, taiga to the mouintains. Ingol is trying through their Mongolian guide even more clients to know and understand the mentality of the country and its inhabitants. In Mongolia there are no religious differences, we'll show you and Holy Buddhist monks, who will introduce you to your teachings and faith. We'll take you to the places radiating and fulfilling you natural energy and force. Our sightseeing and adventure tours are always linked with its unspoilt and beautiful nature.



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