The trophy Amur pike (Esox Reicherti Dybowski) is, apart from Taimen, the biggest challenge for the sports fisherman.


Unique fishing tour to Khalkhin river, which is thickly overgrown and lined by the biggest prairie of Mongolia. The river is better for spinning but there are some locations for fly fishermen. It's home of trophy Amur Pike (Esox Reicherti Dybowski), big taimens and two species of lenok trout, there is also Mongolian Asp (Pseudaspius Leptocephalus) and Amur Catfish (Parasilurus Asotus).

Anglers are accommodated in traditional yurts with good meals and warm shower. The river is floated by raft boats. During the sail you can see various species of wild animals - moose , deer, antelopes, also beasts like bears, wolverines or wolves. Meadows are full of rare flowers.

There are a lot of interesting places nearby, memorials of Mongolian - Japanese war or the biggest lying Buddha in the world.


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